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If you already know Madrid, you cannot leave without making a visit and knowing all the corners that the surroundings of Madrid offer you. Do you already know the Valley of the Fallen? The best option to make the most of your visit is to do it with an expert company as a Tourist Guide in Madrid.

The capital of Spain and its surroundings have much to offer the visitor. The possibilities could be said to be almost endless: cultural, didactic, historical, sports, etc. You can find a wide range of activities.

Take the opportunity, the offer that Madrid presents you can hardly find in another city. The metropolitan area of Madrid is made up of more than 3 million inhabitants. It is one of the reasons why the capital has such a wide range of activities for all tastes and ages.

In order not to feel lost and disoriented, lying down without a specific direction, a good alternative is to hire a guide. The tour guides are professionals in the tourism sector that will make you express your visit to the fullest.

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Valley of the Fallen

Located just 12 kilometers near the monastery of El Escorial, it was built by order of Francisco Franco and 2000 Republican prisoners after the civil war, in the forties and fifties of the twentieth century.

It is on a rocky mountain in the beautiful valley of Cuelgamuros, a protected natural site. The mountain, called Risco de la Nava, is topped by a huge cross 150 meters high and 40 meters wide, with 200,000 tons of weight, being the monument to a larger cross that is around the world.

We will visit the crypt, 262 meters long, excavated in the rocky mountain and we will reach the main chapel with a beautiful mosaic vault.
On the sides of the chapel are the side chapels, behind which are the remains of around 35,000 victims of the Spanish civil war, but we cannot visit and just behind the main chapel, the choir.

If it is open, you can climb to the base of the cross by cable car and see spectacular views of the Sierra de Madrid.

Excursion combined with the monastery of El Escorial half day or full day tour.

El Escorial

The Royal Site of San Lorenzo del Escorial is located in the Sierra de Madrid, just 55 kilometers northwest of the capital. Built in just 21 years, during the second half of the 16th century, it is one of the best-known Spanish Renaissance architecture buildings in the country, also called Herreriano style, having been built by Juan de Herrera, architect of Felipe II. They say it is dedicated to San Lorenzo because Spanish troops won the French on St. Lawrence's day in the French city of San Quintin on August 10, 1557. It houses one of the best libraries in Europe, with 45,000 volumes, among books printed matter, manuscripts and codices and the pantheon of the kings of Spain of the last five centuries, from Carlos I or V to Alfonso XIII. We will visit the palace where the kings of the house of Austria lived, the pantheon of kings, as well as the Princes Pantheon, the chapter rooms, the basilica and the main hall of the library.

The visit is limited to 30 people per guide.

Half-day or full-day excursion combined with the Valley of the Fallen.


Located 40 kilometers south of the city of Madrid, is this beautiful town, typical of Castilla, with its white-walled houses, famous for its picturesque Plaza Mayor, where a bullfight is held annually, charitable , and that has served to film movie scenes, such as scenes of a bullfight in its main square in "Around the World in 80 days."

Directors as well-known as Orson Wells have come to shoot scenes from their films.

Apart from the Plaza Mayor, we will visit the church of Our Lady of the Assumption, where a Goya painting is located, we will see the clock tower, which is next to it and when we arrive we will see the Castle, formerly occupied by the Counts of Chinchón and currently abandoned.

We will walk through its steep streets that transport us to past eras.
Anise and garlic are famous from this town, apart from their crafts.
The famous Spanish actor José Sacristán was born in this city.

Option of half-day or full-day excursion along with the Palace of Aranjuez.


Located just 45 kilometers south of Madrid, is the Palacio de Aranjuez, in the middle of the southern plateau of Castilla, an authentic oasis in the middle of the almost desert area in the south of the province of Madrid, formed by rivers Tagus and Jarama. In this palace, surrounded by splendid gardens, the kings celebrated during the spring months their parties and even fireworks and strolled in their majestic floats along the Tagus River. The royal palace was built in the sixteenth centuries, with Felipe II and was completed in the eighteenth century, with lipe V, Fernando VI and Carlos III in the eighteenth century. It is neoclassical in style and houses such beautiful rooms, such as the Arab cabinet or smoking room and the porcelain room, in a Chinese Rococo style.

Option of half day or full day excursion with Chinchón.

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